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Duo Essentials

Duo Essentials is a full-featured access management solution that includes strong Multi-factor Authentication (MFA), Passwordless, Single Sign-On (SSO) and Trusted Endpoints verification for every organization.

With Duo Essentials, you can secure access to unlimited applications at no additional cost to ensure security coverage as your organization’s application inventory grows.

Everything An Organization Needs to Secure Access and Boost User Productivity

Get Duo Essentials to equip your organization with the best cloud-based two-factor authentication and multi-factor authentication solution. With Duo Essentials, you can secure access to unlimited applications at no additional cost to ensure security coverage as your organization’s application inventory grows.

Duo Essentials Includes:

  • MFA (Flexible options including FIDO2 and Verified Duo Push)

  • Single Sign-On (SSO)

  • Passwordless Authentication (Using FIDO2 or Duo Mobile)

  • Trusted Endpoints Verification

  • Device Visibility

  • Authorized Networks

  • Unlimited Application Integrations

  • User Group Policies

User-Friendly Security for the Entire Organization

Duo Essentials includes our modern secure single sign-on solution and our popular passwordless authentication solution to help organizations take user productivity to the next level. With Duo, users don’t have to be inconvenienced at login, enabling strong security and high productivity.

Enterprise Protection for Tens of Thousands of Users

With Duo Essentials, you can quickly protect every user with a range of user provisioning options, including Advanced Directory sync, bulk enrollment, and user self-enrollment. These options allow for accurate and frictionless Duo user enrollment, helping to ensure that all of your organization's users are protected.

Simplified Management

Duo Essentials also offers advanced administrative management features, including Admin APIs that enable automated and scalable administrative management. Administrators get a 360° view of their users, devices, tokens and applications with Duo.

Duo Essentials At-A-Glace

Stronger MFA with Verified Duo Push or FIDO2

Duo’s MFA solution helps prevent security breaches by stopping the use of stolen credentials. In conjunction with the Verified Duo Push or the phishing resistant FIDO2 (WebAuthn) authentication methods, you can achieve security resilience against bad actors looking to exploit push phishing or MFA fatigue.

Consistently Streamlined Logins with SSO

The key to strong security is usable security. Duo users appreciate the simplified user experience that SSO provides them — login just once to access all applications, securely.

Reduce Reliance on Passwords

Duo simultaneously helps reduce password-related IT costs and boosts organizational security and user experience with passwordless authentication, the solution that allows users to securely login without a password using Duo Mobile or FIDO2 authentication options. Duo’s passwordless solution simplifies the journey for organizations transition to a future without passwords.

Control Which Devices Can Access your Applications

Frictionless security begins with enforcing strong access control polices, a key element of a zero trust security framework. With Duo’s trusted endpoints verification, administrators can block access from unknown devices and only allow managed or registered personal or BYOD devices to gain access to resources.

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